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Congress Elections

Max12 ADevtag posted 15 hours ago

Hello RCG Community,

Congress Elections will start on 7/24/2017! There will be a total of 7 members of congress chosen in these elections. If you are already a member of congress you must run for re-election. Please posts your congress campaign in the civilian life section of the forums.

Thank You,


Managing Director of RCG

Reached our donation goal!

Max12 ADevtag posted Mon at 20:36

Hello RCG Community,

We have reached our monthly donation goal! Because of this we will be giving everything in the RCG store for 20% off. This sale will only last for a limited time so get it while you can!

Thank You,


Managing Director of RCG

Presidential Election!

elanham Atag posted Mon at 14:24

Good Morning RCG Community,

I am proud to annouce after our long and hardous campaigning, the elections have come to an end! 

Here are the results;

Candidate Tazmanthe1st: 39 votes
Candidate Wetyam: 35 vote
Candidate Precisekill: 45 votes

Congratulations to Precisekill for winning this election!

Good luck and I hope to see even more of you running next election!

Thank You,


Executive Officer

Chief of Staff on RCG

Background Competition

AwdHunting Atag posted Jul 10, 17

Background competition!

Hello users of RCG, we are hosting a "Background" competition. Like all competitions, there are rules and regulations. This background will be a picture for the forums.

First regulation: The picture for the background has to be in RCG, meaning if this picture is not on RCG, it will automaticlly be denied.

Second regulation: You have to be in first person mode and any gui {like chat and the hotbar and such} has to be disabled.

Third regulation: The image has to be on imgur or a site where people can openly view it {as in dont post it in google docs or such}

Fourth regulation: You will send this link to Admin AwdHunting {Via Forums} and he will decide whether the picture qualifies or if it does not

The prize of this competition will be a $50,000 in-game

This competition will end  on 7/13/2017 at 5:00 pm EST and the winner will be announced on the home page.

Thank you


Change to rule 7.2

Max12 ADevtag posted Jul 8, 17

Hi Everyone,

There has been a change to the rules, please read it below. 

  • 7.2 Realistic Entrance

    There must be a way for any individual to enter any part of your property without requiring that any blocks be moved or removed. This means not to put any blocks in front of or behind any door with the intention of preventing usage of the door. If an individual violates this provision, the staff members have a right to remove the blocks that are in violation of this rule.

    • Every chest and container must be able to be accessed at any point by a player. No block or blocks may be placed that prevent access to the container. This also applies to containers hidden from public view. If there is a container that is hidden from public view, it should be able to be opened without having to remove any blocks.
    • You cannot have more than 4 locked doors per entrance of a property.


Managing Director

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