Re-Release of RCG

Max12 ADev posted Sun at 14:34

Hello RCG Community,

I am happy to announce that the RCG server has passed perliminary testing earlier this afternoon. After working on the server and testing for bugs we have finally achieved a server that we are happy to release. The server will go out for public release TONIGHT at 6:00 PM EST. I again want to thank everyone who has stuck with us and the great amount of patience you have all had. I cannot thank you all enough. I will be online at the time of the release to welcome you all back to Realistic Combat Gaming and New Haven.

What role will you play?

I hope to see you all,


Managing Director of RCG


[VIP] AwdHunting A posted Sat at 18:57

Hello RCG Community,

While all members of the staff team have put forth as much effort as they could,  the server itself will not be released at 8 PM as anticipated. Do keep in mind, that the staff team would like to release this today, but we are putting a 2 year old version of minecraft into current day minecraft. Earlier today, though, the staff team were on the server testing. While testing, many bugs were found. We at this time do not feel comfortable releasing the server in its current state.


We want to thank you for your patience by having an event 1 hour prior to the release. It will be a 10 question quiz. People who earn a 100% score will earn a $15 voucher on the store, 90% will earn a $10 voucher and 80% will earn a $5 voucher. This does not apply during sales. Might I also add, a “15% off everything” sale will be applied on the day of the release.
P.S. We are planning to release it on Friday, but nothing is confirmed.

Thank you for your patience,


Administrator of Community Management

Re-Release of RCG

Max12 ADev posted Apr 15, 19

Hello RCG Community,

It is the Staff Teams pleasure to announce what you all have been waiting for, for a long time!
That’s right, RCG is coming back!

The server is planned to be releasing soon! We are actively working on the server to get a product that looks good and can be legible to you, the players so you have something that can look good and function correctly. We plan to release the server on Saturday, April 20th, 2019. Saying such we may have a few delays to the server due to a ton of internal things that go on that you guys don’t know about, that has to be working for RCG to run properly and smoothly. As for us, the staff team does hope that we can release it to you by Saturday. As a staff team, we want to ensure the players can have a good time and not just play on a server that is dysfunctional and filled with lag and bugs. If any changes were to come upon the proposed release date, it will be announced by myself. Again, we want to release something that as a staff team we are proud and happy to release and not just a mess of plugins and buildings. It will take a lot of work to get to this stage, but it’s definitely possible with hard work for us to make it to the proposed release date. We want you to invite your friends back so we, as a community, can grow as a whole to the stage we were before.

Thank You for your patience,


Managing Director of RCG

Hello RCG Community,

We are currently looking for new staff members for RCG! Staff applications are now open to the public and if you consider yourself a suitable candidate to become a staff member, feel free to apply.

We are currently looking for a variety of positions they are as follows-


Training Team Admin

Recruitment Admin

Customer Support Admin

Community Management Admin

Build Team Admin


A minimum of 5 moderators (At least one per sub team)

Best of Luck,


RCG Chief of Staff

First Development Update!

Max12 ADev posted Feb 14, 18

Hello RCG Community,

We have released our first development update for RCG Project Life! This update focuses on our new xOS. More coming soon!

Watch the video here

Thank You,


Managing Director of RCG

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