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Realistic Combat Gaming  -  RCG is a gaming community and home to RCG CityLife a super complex city roleplay...
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RCG is a community of player and home to RCG CityLife a complex city roleplay minecraft server, where you can be just about anything. What do you want to do in RCG CityLife? Find yourself a job offered by the local government from cleaning the streets, operating the public transport, working for one of the emergency services, or better yet create jobs and have people work for you.

There's plenty of ways to get by in RCG CityLife and the choices are all down to you. Join the community and become part of the story with each player bringing different aspects to the game and new ideas. Grab a few buddies and head up to the local lakes for a fishing trip, or head out to sea for some deep sea fishing! Or why not work within a team and rescue people at sea, helping others whenever possible?

Then head over to the Hospital. Fancy some action? Why not join up with the New Haven Police Department (NHPD) Or maybe you'd rather earn that fast and easy cash from a bank robbery or run your very own drug operations? The choices are all down to you! The only thing you need here at RCG CityLife is imagination!